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Good News: Local Job Numbers Increase

Monday, April 23, 2012 Richmond Times Dispatch Metro Business cover article about the Top 50 employers in the Richmond area stated the area’s largest private employers had 101,204 FTE workers as of 1/1/12.

An increase of 12,292 new jobs or 13.8% over 2011.

That’s a very encouraging sign.

Things are looking up.

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  1. Alan Jones says

    I like your optimism and hope you are right. My first question when I saw the numbers is, “Is the increase in FTE workers an increase in actual ‘full-time’ employees, or is it an increase in part-time positions?”

  2. gayle says

    Great question; we should ask the RTD editors. Either way I’m just happy more folks are getting back to work.

  3. Benny Sato Ambush says

    Gayle ~ Just reaching out to you ole buddy. Glad to hear about the job uptick in the Richmond area. Maybe it’ll catch on nationwide.

    All is well up here in Bean Town. Sending my love to you and family.

    Benny Ambush

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