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A Leader’s Flag & What It Means

Businesses exist to create customers.

With that in mind understanding and being able to clearly communicate the value proposition a leader’s business offers is critical to success.

Your value proposition is the central operating principle upon which the business is built.

It’s the promise your people tell the world to get them in the door.

It’s the promise that creates your customers’ expectations.

It’s the promise that when fulfilled brings people back.

Another word for your “value proposition”, for that “promise” is “brand.”

Don’t confuse your business’ logo with its brand.

The logo is a symbol that represents the promise.

When raised atop the mast of a ship, the skull & cross bones signifies warning to all who see it, no prisoners will be taken.

When the folks at Apple were developing the original Macintosh computer they flew the Jolly Roger outside the skunkworks.

It signified a “take no prisoners” attitude about creativity and innovation.

In either case, the message was clear to the crew and those they met.

What “flag” are you waving?

What does it mean to your employees?

If you’re not clear, how can they be?

What does it mean to your customers?

Branding is a discipline.  One with phenomenal potential rewards.

Great leaders value not just their flag, but what it stands for.

Like anything of value it requires care.

Ask your people what they believe your “flag” stands for.

What you hear may surprise you.





><(("> Gayle Turner

Gayle is a ><(("> Team Member at Catch Your Limit, a consulting firm headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. To learn more, visit

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