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My Second Home

Hi! My name is Leighton Brown. This fall I will be a senior at the University of Alabama, majoring in Public Relations.

I have an exciting opportunity this summer as an intern for Catch Your Limit, here in the beautiful city of Richmond, VA!

Catch Your Limit is an 11-year-old consulting firm that just relocated its headquarters from Tallahassee, Florida and we help our clients develop leadership, teaming, creativity, and innovation skills. These skills are useful for companies as well as in your everyday life.

Our main mission is to help guide our clients in the pursuit to catch their limit.

I really enjoy writing and this internship is going to give me more of an opportunity to get better at it, and I’m especially looking forward to getting a chance to connect with our readers. I invite you to follow me along on my new journey!

Before I ventured up here, I was in my second home, way down south in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. As you know, on April 27 the city was hit with a category 5 tornado. This was, by far, the most devastating event the city has seen in a while.

With approximately 600 injuries, 44 deaths in the city of Tuscaloosa, and 243 deaths state wide, the tornado was a moment that has forever changed Tuscaloosa and my life.

Seeing my second home torn down to its foundation was extremely heartbreaking. I feel Tuscaloosa is the place where I have really grown into the person I am today. However, no matter how dark things may seem; there is always a light at the end of the tunnel (no pun intended).

Seeing the Tuscaloosa community pull together in a time of need was so encouraging. The university and the city itself really came together as one, and we started to begin the process of rebuilding. The saying “Roll Tide” now takes on a whole new meaning. You can really feel the energy, pride, and love that the students and the community have for Tuscaloosa. We have a long road ahead of us to get our beloved city back to the way it was, but we have begun the process and already in just 2 months the city is already starting to look a lot better!

Here are just a few photos from the April 27th tornado. The tornado was reported to be a mile wide and came from the southwest.

I had the opportunity to meet with one of my pledge sisters and talk with her about the tornado and how it impacted her. My conversation with her was so inspirational; I decided to write about her in a profile story that I wrote for my journalism class (see link below).

I would love for you check it out so you can get a better understanding of the tragedy that hit Tuscaloosa and how our school has really pulled together to face a devastating situation with grit and perseverance.  If you have an inspirational story that you’d like to share about someone persevering through adversity, please share!

Surviving the Storm



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