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High Time to Step Forward


I love my partner.

I love my wife.

Luckily, that’s not a conflict or a prescription for disaster. My Melissa is one in the same … business partner and wife.

One of the things I love about Melissa is her cut-to-the-chase directness. It comes unannounced and often catches you off guard, but her aim is true and more often than not, right on the mark.

Trust me, it’s not always received well, or even fully understood by me at first.

Usually, I perceive it as an interruption.

This time, it was prompted by my take on what our strategic and tactical marketing direction and components should be for this year. We have added a new location, new services and are exploring new ways to spread the word that Catch Your Limit does indeed exist on this planet and is in the business of helping you catch yours.

The more I talked, the more excited I got.

More and more ideas found their way from my brain to my mouth and from there to anyone within earshot. In this case, that would be Melissa.

Boom! She stopped me with a single shot. “Too much,” she whispered.

“What?”, I shot back feeling discounted.

“These are just some of my ideas … things we could do to reach or objectives. Nothing cast in stone. Just ideas. And,you haven’t even let me finish.” I was being so defensive, that what Melissa said hadn’t even registered until … the hit to the heart finally reached my brain.

She wasn’t questioning my ideas. She was simply communicating that we narrow our focus and commit to defining and executing the marketing components that have the highest likelihood of helping us reach our goals.

It’s like, we know after ten years in business, what our go-to plays are … the proverbial 20% that consistently help us reach 80% of our goals. These are the  bread and butter plays. They may not have a lot of razzle dazzle or smack of the next, new killer strategy, but they do the heavy lifting and get results time and time again.

So, with that said, one of our go-to tactics is our blog-ability. We have a team of gifted communicators with a variety of styles and points-of-view and we get readership and yes, inquiries about what we do. This starts conversations that often lead to work. Blogging is also a discipline and an accountability.

Without going through all the reasons why we (I) have not been blogging consistently, I was caught off guard when I noticed the dates on the last few  blogs. So … instead of excuses, I am blogging and my goal is to keep blogging my way through the year … one blog at a time.

And I will do the same with the other go-to plays that have my name on them.

So, that’s it. Thanks to Melissa, I have been reminded:

  • Too much talk not enough walk.
  • Don’t take your eye off the ball.
  • Don’t overload with too many steps, just pick the few that will most likely lead you to accomplishing your goals.
  • Take the first step and don’t stop stepping.
  • Oh yeah, and once you’re on your way, it’s OK to throw in a little pinch of razzle dazzle.
  • Always evaluate your steps  and make sure you’re on track to glory land.

And the biggest reminder of all is to find comfort in this quote by an ancient somebody: “No matter how long the journey, it is accomplished one step at a time.”

That sums up my take on Melissa’s “Too much” knockout punch line.

Love you, Melissa … now, it’s your turn to blog ; )

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