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Fat, Dumb & Happy

Yesterday, as I am sure you probably know, was Mardi Gras.

My buddy, Nate Sams, served crawfish at his restaurant, Louisiana Flair, in downtown Richmond.  It was one wild party.  Music inside, music outside., people lined up out the door from 11:15 until we had to turn people away at ten to one because he’d run out of food.  Crawfish boils poured out over newspaper on the tables.  Gumbo, jambalaya and Po’ Boys appeared to be inhaled.  It was a feeding frenzy of love.

I sucked they little heads and ate they little tails and cried after I inadvertently touched my eye.  Damn those spices can be hot.  When I was done I sat back for a moment and surveyed all the happy people.  Then I got up and gave a fellow my seat, so he, too, could gorge himself and descend into the same post trough stupor I was enjoying.

Things were calmer this morning when Marie & I dropped by for our Wednesday morning beignets and chickory coffee.  Nate looked a little weary from the previous day’s goings on, but as usual he was all smiles.  And as the sign on his wall says, “When you smile, you are beautiful”.

Nate’s a native of Louisiana and Louisiana Flair is the only authentic Cajun restaurant in the state.  If you get a chance, Cher, drop on by and you, too, could be fat, dumb and happy.   

Nate’s got another sign on his wall that says his success is not measured by money, but the loyalty and satisfaction of his customers.  Good advice for those looking to catch their limit.  Cause at Louisiana Flair yesterday the catfish were jumping, the oysters were shucking and those who could get in the door caught their limit.

><(("> Gayle Turner

Gayle is a ><(("> Team Member at Catch Your Limit, a consulting firm headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. To learn more, visit

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