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Do I Even Have a Happy Place? Home? Work?

Happiness – what is means, where to find it, and what it feels like – seems to be a mystery to many. This relates to the workplace, to homelife and to you as a person. To me, happiness is often because of a circumstance, but not always my perpetual state. I haven’t yet fully figured out to connect all the dots to find the intangible bliss that is supposedly out there, somewhere.

At work – I feel happy when I’m listening to classical music, with a Diet Coke nearby and when I have so much going on that I think I can almost feel the sparks firing off in my brain. I love big ideas, problem solving and raw creativity.

At home – I feel happy when my windows are open, the laundry is going, my doggies have wagging tails, my cat is sweetly purring and my daughter is happily playing. I like for things to be organized, clean and beautiful.

But what I’ve found, sadly, is that when all these things aren’t perfectly lined up, I’m not so happy. I sometimes become overwhelmed and upset if all these pieces and parts aren’t just right. But seriously, how could everything line up perfectly?

There are days when work drags and nothing very exciting is happening except the actual … work. Co-workers don’t get me, I have too much to do, I’m lacking resources and somewhere along the way, I’ve lost my inspiration, my train of thought and at times, my tape dispenser.

With a full-time job, family activities and big responsibilities, it’s a miracle if I even make my bed during the week. My pets sometimes annoy me to death with their fluff and drool, I find myself struggling with my daughter’s homework and have to consult with Google about what the altitude of a cylindrical solid means because apparently 3rd grade math is too hard for me, and my pile of laundry occasionally winds up being higher than the washer and dryer themselves.

There are moments when I ask myself if happy is a place, a thought, a situation, a state of mind or maybe … a wish? However, nobody said happy can’t be a combination of things, right?

Neurology is not exactly my specialty, but I do know that the feeling of doing something is said to mimic the same responses in our brains as actually doing it. That’s pretty powerful.  If we’re looking for happy, so say I – think happy, do happy, find happy, go happy, feel happy … maybe we’ll trick our brains into thinking we truly are happy and one of these days, it will become so.

I’m tired of expecting to find my joy based on a set of unrealistic circumstances that I perceive will make me happy.

I decide to be thankful for unmade beds, silly pets, impossibly difficult elementary school homework and a not always perfect job.

There’s also the huge blessings that matter to me including family, friends, music, the beach, wine, food, love and unexpected surprises that create a combination of joys that contribute to one big heap of … happy.

I’m sure you have your own happy place, but possibly forgot the directions. Make up some new ones or try a new path. Just make sure you find it!

I’m trying to let some things go, embrace the mishaps and take great things even if they come in tiny doses.

There’s so much more than perfection. There so much more than the things we think we want, but don’t have. Those things might not even be worth it, or as good as what we’ve already got.

If we count up all the good stuff in whatever form, maybe we’ll realize that the happiness we’ve been looking for was there all along.

Besides, “Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open.”  ~John Barrymore

><(("> Mandy Stark

Mandy is a ><(("> Friend of Catch Your Limit, a marketing firm with offices in Tallahassee, Florida and Richmond, Virginia. To contact Mandy email her at or to learn more about Catch Your Limit, visit

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