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When things don’t go as planned…

You can work as hard as you can at something. Plan all the details perfectly and hope for the best. But what happens when something out of your control interferes with that perfect plan? You can get upset, cry even, but then what? What is the next step?
Recently I was let down on something that I have been striving towards for almost 2 years. The position I was aiming for was given to others who have not been involved as long or as strong in the organization as I had been. To say the least, I was disappointed when I found out. Friends, family, and even others on the team comforted me telling me that I deserved the position but in the end nothing would change.
I took a break from my self-pity party and sat back and thought about the situation. I knew that I deserved it and for whatever reason, I didn’t get it- yes- but sitting there upset was not going to help me at all. I vowed that I would give myself the rest of that night to feel lousy and then the next morning I would wake up and move on. And that’s exactly what I did.
The point is, things are not always going to go the way you hoped or planned and I think that is when true character reveals itself. How are you going to handle yourself? Are you going to sulk or are you going to get up and say “it is what it is, now time to move on” ?
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  1. Gayle Turner says


    I’m sorry you didn’t get what you worked so hard for. In the end though the only thing we have any control over are our reactions and our resulting behavior. Losses and disappointments like you’ve just experienced are little deaths and they require experiencing all of the steps of the grieving process. I applaud your taking time to grieve the loss and then getting back in the game. I hope the time that would have gone into the lost opportunity will make you available for the next one. You know, one door closes and a window opens. That’s why I have such trouble heating the house. :^)

  2. KINGRPG says

    I like that you think. Thank you for share very much.

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