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No time to retreat? That’s the time when you need it the most!

In the last day or so, Tom posted about his new “Gone Fishing” app.  Below is an excerpt:

The point is, about the time we don’t think we have the time to organize our thoughts is when we need to take the time the most.

We need that GONE FISHING! app to help us get out of the trenches and to look at ourselves  and our lives and admit, we can’t do it all, so what’s important, what’s not and what’s getting in the way of what is. It will be your conscience and your guide.  

The GONE FISHING! app will allow you to assess where you are ( an aspirational GPS in your brain, heart and soul), your vision of where you want to go, and a help button that will guide you in building your road map and defining the essentials needed to get you “there”, no matter where your “there” is.

You may not really be fishing, but the time you invest in pushing PAUSE and telling the world you’ve GONE FSIHING, just may help you catch your limit.  I’d rather have life’s cooler contain a few good “keepers” than a boatload of junk fish and “throwbacks”.

When it comes to “catching your limit”, Tom’s “Gone Fishing” app is to you personally, what Catch Your Limit retreats are to your team or organization —–


If you’re thinking about taking the time for a year-end retreat with your team, below are a few tips to make sure you get a boatload of ROI for the time you invest:

  • List all of your desired outcomes, then prioritize and assess how much time you need
  • Plan your agenda and don’t try to do too much.  Give yourself some breathing room – you’ll be surprised what comes out of the down time. Allow some time for personal reflection, team time and organizational strategy.
  • Gather as much information in advance to make the most efficient use of your time.  Pre-retreat work is encouraged to get everyone’s minds on the subjects at hand. In some cases research and/or assessments may be in order.
  • Establish what the follow up process will be as step to ensuring commitment & accountability.
  • Assign all participants a role in the retreat.
  • Go offsite.
  • Create a comfortable, safe, creative environment. 
  • Always start with celebrations/accomplishments/bright spots.
  • Be sure to have all the materials that you need to work and capture all the ideas that you generate and decisions that you make.
  • Establish ground rules and be sure that everyone is engaged and participative.  Remember to have a policy for mobile phones, laptops, etc. 
  • Try to have a meal together.
  • End the retreat by asking everyone what their take-a-ways were.
  • Work hard. Play Hard. It’s been a tough year – we could all use joy and laughter – it’s incredibly therapeutic.

If you’re reading this, you’re either a client, fan, friend, follower, you’ve found us online or someone’s forwarded this to you.  However you found us, we’re glad you did and we’re passionate about helping you catch your limit!  And, we’re passionate about giving you an opportunity to access our network of leaders.  Add a comment, question, your ideas and let us know if you’re interested in additional resources – we’re big fans of sharing – that’s the whole idea behind our fish cleaning services – “you got to catch ‘em to clean ‘em!

><(("> Melissa Laughon

Melissa is a ><(("> Team Member at Catch Your Limit, a management consulting firm with offices in Tallahassee, Florida and Richmond, Virginia. To learn more, visit

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