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CYL Movement Needs a “Gone Fishing!” App

Here’s what happened to me. And, if  I can pull off my idea for a new app, it may not happen to you!

Even as a kid, I have always had mighty high aspirations. I remember some of my first goals to this day: to  see the world, learn to swim like a lifeguard, hold my breath under water longer than anyone, swing from trees like Tarzan and attract girls (well, that was a little later, but you get the drift).

You know what?

I did those things!

I didn’t see the whole world, but I was able to bite off small portions at a time and am still on a quest to see as much as I can see … a quest that started in my little bed at night in my dreams.

I got to be pretty good at swinging on a rope. I may or may not hold the record for holding my breath (not even sure if there is a record), but I did make lifeguard!  And, that may have helped me attract girls, who knows?! 

The point is, there was a time when the things I really wanted to do or accomplish were happening enough to make me feel ready, willing and able to take on the next and the next and the next. I was indeed catching my limit!

But, almost unnoticeably, things changed. Taking inventory of the things I really want to do or should do recently, I discovered that even though I am doing lots and lots, many important things on my list have just gone by the wayside … really important things to me and my world.

In fact, I discovered I had more than one list! The lists were  exponential and growing out of control like the number of  emails in my Inbox.  No wonder I feel overwhelmed and never quite satisfied that I am accomplishing anything.

My conclusion: too much I am doing is reactive, knee-jerk and just not that important.  This was all accompanied by loud sounds of tick, tick, tick …

And example of an  important thing that I’m not doing would be the goal of learning to play the mandolin that Melissa gave me as a wedding gift. She loves to hear me sing  and play the guitar (Lord bless her) and thought it would be great for me to learn a new instrument.

I thought so too, and put that on the tip-top of my list, but the mandolin still lies in its case, going on almost four years now, waiting for me to fulfill my promise. Can you imagine what music I might have created?

Close behind is a home recording studio kit that has been waiting for me to put it together and record my songs. It sort of overwhelmed me when I got it (software bugs, incompatible equipment, new instructions to learn), so it too waits in small piles, waiting for me to get it together (emphasis on me to get it together). 

Songs that are selfishly locked in my head could have caught someone’s ear and been accomponied by their heartstrings.  

Then, there’s my 91 year old mom and younger sister in Richmond who need me more every day, our home in Tallahassee that needs my tender love and care,  the new one in Richmond that could use tons of fix-up. And, oh, did I mention continuing to build our business (two locations now and growing), my life with Melissa, my two daughters, two son-in-laws, six grandkids, friends and damn … I want more than just one fish in my fish tank.   Oh, and my book? Did I say fourth year wedding anniversary?

Fishing? Don’t forget fishing! I haven’t had time to even think about the fact that I have not been fishing that much this entire summer!

Now, is when it’s time to add the etc., etc., etc. You get the gist.

So what’s my app idea?

I think this new app-equipped world needs an app that is like life’s PAUSE button, that stops the madness, for all intents and purposes stops the clock and helps us get our priorities in a row … an app that puts a big, blinking GONE FISHING! sign on our forehead that shouts to the world, “Shut up and leave me alone . Will be back when I feel like it.”

It would be the universal symbol for, “Buzz Off, I am in the process of getting my act together.” 

Wouldn’t it be great if every point of contact said, GONE FISHING! 

And, for those people (idiots) who just keep trying to reach us, the app would shock the (expletive deleted) out of them.  Or, us for that matter … shock us if we don’t regularly use the GONE FISHING app for its intended purpose.

The point is, about the time we don’t think we have the time to organize our thoughts is when we need to take the time the most.

We need that GONE FISHING! app to help us get out of the trenches and to look at ourselves  and our lives and admit, we can’t do it all, so what’s important, what’s not and what’s getting in the way of what is. It will be your conscience and your guide.  

The GONE FISHING! app will allow you to assess where you are ( an aspirational GPS in your brain, heart and soul), your vision of where you want to go, and a help button that will guide you in building your road map and defining the essentials needed to get you “there”, no matter where your “there” is.

You may not really be fishing, but the time you invest in pushing PAUSE and telling the world you’ve GONE FSIHING, just may help you catch your limit.  I’d rather have life’s cooler contain a few good “keepers” than a boatload of junk fish and “throwbacks”.

That’s it for me, right now. I have just turned on my app that blinks and screams, GONE FISHING! 

So, if you’re waiting on me, don’t hold your breath. 

><(("> Tom Laughon
Tom is affectionately known as BIG ><(("> at Catch Your Limit

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  1. Melissa Laughon says

    Tom, this blog really touched me. To hear you acknowledge that these crazy times even get to you at times is encouraging and let’s me know that you’re human, too! Thanks for the message – the timing couldn’t have been better!

  2. Allen Shepard says

    Tom, its 5 years after your posted blog but the message still has substantial meaning in my life!
    At retirement I started searching for a fishing app that appeals to my life style and found either ones with little information for me in the North Florida area, or they had people commenting with sewer mouths to fellow app users.
    Needless to say I am still looking for the app that fits an old school fishing retiree!
    Let me know if you are aware of one!


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