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The Barking-Lot Happy Hour was a Success!

Thanks to all who came out for our first ever Barking-Lot Happy Hour. The outrageous five-o’clock heat had EVERYONE panting but it still proved to be a good time.

Apparently, there were a lot of guests that were “like a dog” from their impressive amount of shedding to their problematic salivating condition and their affinity for raw meat. Jeff certainly showed his enthusiasm for the Barking-Lot. Though he had no dog to speak of, he certainly compensated! (By the way, Jeff, my dog said thanks for backwashing into the water bowl—way to go.) The dogs also had fun meeting little baby Laurelie who crawled around on the floor (in the true canine spirit.) Glad to see everyone getting in touch with their animal roots. ; )

The next Happy Hour on October 30th is going be a good time with fun people, tasty brews, and ridiculous costumes … it’s the FALL FESTIVAL and it is going to be amazing.

Stay well and, while you are hard at work and scrambling to meet deadlines, remember that there’s a cold beer at our next Happy Hour just waiting for you.

Oh yea, and please email me if you are not on our invite list but want to come to the next one. I promise it is not because we don’t like you…


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