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Out of sync?

I was IM’ing a friend of mine the other day (funny how you can make any word a verb these days) and I was telling her that I just felt “off” and out of sync. Things just didn’t seem to be going right. I just chalked it up to work, school, being sick, etc…; you know – the usual suspects. She then told me that it was because Mercury was in retrograde. I couldn’t help but tilt my head to the side and say “huh?” as I know nothing about astrology other than I’m a Cancer, so I asked her what that meant. Basically, she said when Mercury is in retrograde it throws the universe totally out of whack.

Interesting. I decided to look it up and here’s what I found:

A planet is described as retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac. According to modern science, this traditional concept arises in the illusory planetary motion created by the orbital rotation of the earth with relation to other planets in our solar system. Planets are never actually retrograde or stationary, they just seem that way due to this cosmic shadow-play.

Fascinating. So, it’s a planetary illusion that is causing me to feel angst? I read on…

As a rule, retrograde planets mark a period of seemingly inevitable or fated events that relate to their sphere of influence. Unresolved issues from the past tend to rear their heads. Retro phases present us with a series of events over which we seem to have little or no conscious control, relating especially to the sign in which the retrogradation occurs.

Little or no control… hmmm… I don’t like not being in control, so that makes sense. What else?

Mercury retrograde gives rise to personal misunderstandings; flawed, disrupted, or delayed communications, negotiations and trade; glitches and breakdowns with phones, computers, cars, buses, and trains. And all of these problems usually arise because some crucial piece of information, or component, has gone astray or awry.

Aaahhh, it’s becoming clear. I’ve been trying to get a huge contract signed at work and have been going back and forth between the business groups and lawyers for weeks!

It is also a time when matters begun under a previous retro period will come to fruition, or completion as the case may be. Firm decisions that have been previously made when Mercury is travelling normally through the zodiac may be implemented or finalised while Mercury is retrograde without too much worry, for experience shows that this can be done without undue problems arising.

Yes! We did get the contract signed yesterday!

It all made perfect sense now! Mercury has been messing with my life lately! The good news, however, is that it is all supposed to be said and done by the 14th of June! Whew! Unfortunately, it is supposed to start again on September 7th.

So, if you’ve also been feeling out of control, out of sync, or just out of it, blame it on Mercury being in retrograde! I am!

Although it could simply be work, school, and/or being sick.

For further enlightenment on this subject please visit the site where I got this great information:

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