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Maker’s Markers

My dad used to write trigger points and bible verses for his sermons on his palms. He also wrote the names of people he would visit in the hospital to make sure he remembered who they were. I thought it was brilliant because dad had large congregations.

Emma, our very own Catch Your Limit triathlete, writes notes, addresses, phone numbers, to dos, shopping list, etc. on her hands, arms and lord knows where else.

There is an old wives tale that says you will die if you write on yourself. I think it was meant to scare kids enough to keep them from scribbling all over themselves. Well, Emma is living proof that this old myth is just not true.

I believe ink oozes into Emma’s veins and helps give her the stamina she needs to compete in triathlons. I also believe if I wrote on myself the way she does, I could be a triathlete, too.

Anyway, dad and Emma have given me an idea! I call it Maker’s Markers (say this three times really fast). Maker’s Markers would come in assorted colors, called organic (so they would sell for more) and be easily erasable. And, you could write, draw or doodle to your heart’s content all over yourself or other consenting participants.

Tattoos are just way too permanent for my taste. About the time the ink dries on the heart that says, “Julia Forever”, along comes Sallie, then Katherine and so on and on and on.

Face it we live in a disposable world and communication should not only be mobile, but erasable, too. That way, our canvas can hold timely information until it’s time to lose it and start over again.

You can write love letters on yourself or your lover. You can post a resume on your forehead (or I need a beer) so everyone knows what’s on your mind. You can become an ad for your company and know when you change companies, that ad won’t follow you.

Are Maker’s Marks cool or what?!

I searched good old Google to see if anyone else was doing this and all I found was a great video for a campaign to promote writing on designated graffiti spaces rather than on someone else’s property.

All in all the video took eight hours of writing, 5 markers, 3 baths and 2 showers to clean off. All I could think about was how talented the girl was and how much fun she was having expressing herself.

So, I am hyped and ready to put this idea into high gear. Once the right people start doing the write thing I think the buzz will be deafening.

If you have any ideas, name suggestions (Maker’s Mark was the first thing that came to mind) or a slogan, write them on yourself so you won’t forget and get your body over here.

By the way, don’t write “Kiss My” on your you know what. Jeff has already done that.

And, before I forget, thanks Emma and dad for helping me do the write thing!

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