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Let’s Talk!

Like everything around Catch Your Limit Land, it started as a wild idea … but it has taken on a life and importance of its own.

We were facilitating a session with a client’s management team and the discussion centered on the dangers of collectively ignoring the “elephants on the table” (the brutal facts) as if the prodigious pachyderms were invisible.

Everyone agreed that even the greatest of great organizations have herds and herds of elephants on their tables, but what makes them great is that they consistently spot those elephants and do whatever it takes to get them off.

As the discussion cranked up, I got excited and said something like, “hey, wait a minute, I’m a Catch Your Limit kind of guy and elephants are like way off brand for us. Let’s use the phrase “fish on the table” from now on.”

Well, it was a magic moment, because that’s what everybody did and for me, it was music to my ears … fish on the table, fish on the table, fish on the table! It was the mantra and the song for the rest of the session.

So, when I got back to the ><((“> HQ, I immediately searched for images of fish you just couldn’t ignore. Next, I staged a contest for our crew to pick their favorite from the five fish I selected. The challenge was pick the fish that would best support the heading, Let’s Talk.

The winning image is featured above. How’s this visual for Let’s Talk, up close and personal like?

Now I am on a mission. I have issued the challenge to all-hands at CYL to talk.

Talk to me. Talk to each other. Talk about what works and what doesn’t. Talk about each other’s contributions. Talk about strengths. Talk about weaknesses. Talk about opportunities. Talk about threats. Talk about how you feel. Talk about what you think you know and what you feel you need to know. Talk about talk.

Talk. Talk. Talk.

I believe communication, clarity, candor, facing brutal facts and just keeping the buzz going is what we must practice in order to get through this mess our world finds itself in. The more fish on the table the better, as long as we don’t ignore them.

The more of us who put our heads, minds, hearts, ears and mouths in the game, the better.

If it were up to me, I would have a bunch of astronauts listen from their vantage point on the moon … no make that Mars … and let us know if they can hear our collective buzz from way up there.

If not, give us the universal “I can’t hear you” sign that would signal “turn the volume up, people”.

So, here’s my universal call to action.

Spread the Let’s Talk initiative around. Make it viral. Make some noise. Contribute to and listen to what’s said. Let those astronauts hear you as you sling schools and schools of fish off table.

This could be the shot heard ’round the world: Let’s Talk, Deja Charla, 話を許可する, Laisse L’entretien, 让谈话, Lascia Il Colloquio, Lässt Gespräch, Αφήνει τη συζήτηση, Препятствует беседе, يتيح الحديث, चलें टॉक.


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