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We love to inspire and we love to be inspired.

Our entire team feels honored when our fans share with us how we’ve inspired them. We’ve inspired the people we touch to be more creative, to have courage as a leader, to be more of a team player, to follow a dream, to talk with someone they’ve been meaning to talk with, to believe that their work is meaningful, to believe that they are worthy of respect, to take risks, to forgive … it’s really quite unbelievable. And, the great part of this is that we get so much joy and inspiration from their stories … it’s what keeps us going.

Providing inspiration is “not for the weak of heart.”
Tom* tells all of our ><((“> employees, all of our clients and all of our audiences that the work we do and that they will do with us is “not for the weak of heart.” He’ll say, “imagine the signs at theme parks that say you must be this tall to ride this ride … think hard before you commit to this journey.”
Inspiration is just one part of our business, but I feel that Tom’s warning applies. In our business, we are trusted advisors. And, for some time, for a lot of reasons, there’s a lot of worry and pain in the minds and hearts of the people we work with. There are special moments when people open up to us and share their concerns and we see so much news of “doom and gloom” is taking its toll.
In these moments, sometimes the greatest thing we can offer to those people who we care deeply for is a small dose of much needed optimism. And, our fans all over the world have come to rely and expect this from us … it’s a core component of the Catch Your Limit experience.

So, we’re seeing more than any other time over the past 10 years that we’ve become “caretakers” for the leaders who are “in our world.” And, this year, we’ve noticed the signs that come along with the caretaker role.

I’m reminded of times we’ve worked with caretakers and how much time we spent discussing the importance of taking care of yourself so that you could sustain taking care of others.

So, who inspires the inspirers?
There are times we (yes, even us) could use a little more inspiration and optimism and a few more reminders to make sure we’re taking care of each other – in order to sustain the spirit, the hope and the joy that we strive to bring to our clients and ourselves.

Some of the sources that I’ve been going to lately for inspiration are:

  1. Our ><((“> fans – as mentioned above, what you share with us does give us energy to keep doing what we’re doing
  2. Each other – our ><((“> team is unbelievable and when it matters the most, we’re there for each other and we love each other
  3. Photos – we are lucky to have Scott on our team who takes unbelievable photos (featured in this blog) and he has the ability to capture real emotion – it’s fun to be able to refer to our photo galleries and relive moments when we had the opportunity to just be and to play together
  4. Our Catch Your Limit Credo that we developed so long ago-We at Catch Your Limit Consulting are passionate people. We guide our clients in the pursuit to catch their limit. The people we touch find joy in being challenged, stimulated and encouraged to feel a part of and accountable for their mutual success. Catch Your Limit is about people paying attention to people … about the power of good ideas that passionate, motivated, fully energized people can generate.We strive to create working environments where you can discover and develop your capabilities and potentials, support each other every step of the way, celebrate your successes, learn from your failures and never forget how to play. The only thing off limits at Catch Your Limit is making excuses.

And, there are more! Maybe this will have to be a series of blogs on inspiration.

Inspiration is a personal thing, so I’m sure that each of our ><((“> would have a different list of the things/people who inspire them. I’d love for them to share … that would be a good exercise for our Monday meeting (each Monday, we have “inspiration” on the agenda and someone who’s the conscience of bringing just a little or a whole lot to help us kickstart our week).
Who will you breath upon?
According to a quick search online, the word inspiration literally means “breathed upon.”
I believe that inspiration helps center you, helps remind you of purpose, helps redirect you and get you back on track or helps you see something in an entirely different way.

So, if you’re like us and just can’t get enough inspiration, take a moment to:
  1. Think about who/what inspires you. Share with us who/what they are.
  2. Tell at least one of those people how much you appreciate it … you just may be the inspiration they need to keep it up.
  3. And, decide who else in your world needs a little inspiration … who will you “breathe upon” today?

* Tom Laughon is our ><((“> founder and the man I love and someone I (and many others) rely on for inspiration.
And, until recently I never knew how much.
Tom, if you’re reading this … thank you!

><(("> Melissa Laughon

Melissa is a ><(("> Team Member at Catch Your Limit, a management consulting firm with offices in Tallahassee, Florida and Richmond, Virginia. To learn more, visit

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