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Gorilla Marketing Meets ><((">illa Marketing

Ever since I was a kid swimming around in the deep blue sea, I dreamed of coming ashore and staking my claim to fame by becoming a special kind of consultant.

How many of you, as kids, knew you wanted to be a consultant when you grew up?

Wow! It’s great to see all those hands raised out there! I had a hunch it was not just me.

So, now that I have sort of grown up and am indeed a consultant equipped with my very own consultancy, I am utilizing my innate knowledge and love of the water to craft our unique, sustainable competitive advantage.

Sinse we have had to market and grow our firm with more brainpower than more $$$, I want to share some of our low/no cost ><((“> style gorilla marketing strategies on how we market us. In fact, we call it ><((“>illa (fishilla) marketing.
This series (which I think could make it as a reality TV show or epic movie) starts with how we created and executed an integrated ><((“>illa marketing initiative to promote awareness for Catch Your Limit Consulting (catchy name, if I do say so myself) among movers and shakers in and around the State Capitol in Tallahassee, Florida.

If you are going to make a name for yourself, why not start at the top. I mean when the governor, chief financial officer or your state senator mentions you, people listen.

Since these folks are for the most part, really, really busy elected officials who are always on the go, we knew we had to do some really spectacular ><((“>illa marketing to break through the clutter of their day in and day out attempts to tax us more and provide us less.

Pictured here is our first low/no cost, amazing feat.

We recruited the pledge classes of two fraternities, to construct a giant water feature on the back steps of the capitol so that no elected official, trying to sneak out of the back doors, could miss our dazzling, buzz producing ><((“>illa marketing message.

I must say, the pledges idea of aluminum foil really paid off and gave the dolphins a classy shine.

The pledges built the whole thing in just one night, after watching Extreme Makeover reruns for their inspiration.

We did have one close call that could have proved fatal to the initiative.

Police arrested two of the pledges for “building an addition to the capitol without having the required permits”.

When the police discovered the two pledges were red shirt freshman football players, all charges were dropped and the construction was allowed to continue.

When all was said and done, the pledges had created a masterpiece. Not only did the dolphins reinforce our Catch Your Limit brand, but our ><((“> logo was imprinted, tattoo like, on each of the mammals’ tails.

You’ve got to agree, the ><((“>illa marketing team hit this one out of the park!

But, there is a lot more to this story! I will share some of it with you now.

I know, I know … you want it all … but don’t you fret … this is a series after all.

So, now that everybody is seeing/talking/thinking dolphins as well as being captivated by our ><((“> logo tattoos on the dolphins’ tails, we invited everyone to a Sunday event at Shell Point that would bring the fake aluminum foil dolphins in the fountain to life in a bigger-than-life way.

The vinyl banner invitation to the event was 22 stories tall and we used Velcro to attach it to the state capitol building for all to see. You better believe it go national media coverage, including camera equipped helicopter fly bys. It will go in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest invitation on a state capitol building in the world.

We invited four sororities and all their boyfriends, to round up some real live dolphins (easy since Shell Point is right on the Gulf and only 20 or so miles from Tallahassee) and cows (they are everywhere) for a genuine, one-of-kind race that would put the bovines in some unfamiliar territory … my old stomping grounds … the water.

The idea for the event evolved from the old expression, “like a fish out of water”. So, since I started my life in the water and stepped ashore to seek my fame and fortune, I always resented that saying. That’s when I thought about not changing the rules, just changing the playing field.

And, you know what, those cud chewing, land loving, moo moos held their own and even took a mind boggling early lead. However, the crowd pleasing, air breathing dolphins won the event flippers down.

But, the real winners were the invitees who not only got to witness history in the making, but got to party down with the fraternity and sorority kids like there was no tomorrow.

Everyone got a t-shirt that had First Annual Shell Point Surf & Turf Saltwater Showdown … And That’s No Bull imprinted on them, along with our ><((“> logo, of course.

While the guests were shaking their tail feathers to the music of the ever popular, Little Hobart Neville and his Gone ><((“>ing Jug Band, we took our tattoo machine around and air brushed our ><((“> logo on everyone’s arms, legs and even a few behinds … including the cows.

Even while the band played on, the sorority “coaches” were training the dolphins for next year’s event. Because next year, they would compete with the cows on their turf, a seaside pasture just east of Shell Point. Afterall, I had to do both and I survived.

Whether it’s by a land, sea or air, Catch Your Limit ><((“>illa marketing struck ><((“> and struck ><((“> and struck ><((“> and will most assuredly strike ><((“> again.

So, eat your bananas and weep, gorilla marketers. I’d go incognito, too, if I were you.

To be continued … ><((“>

><(("> Tom Laughon
Tom is affectionately known as BIG ><(("> at Catch Your Limit

Catch Your Limit
Management Guides & Fish Cleaning Services
><(("> Camps in Tallahassee, Florida and Richmond, Virginia
To learn more, visit

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