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Creativity. My Qs. Your As.

My blog consists of a series of questions.

Remember, consultants have no answers. We just ask good questions.

Are you:

Extremely creative?


Creative on occasion?

Not very creative?

A turnip is more creative than I am?

When were you the most creative you’ve ever been?

Who has most impacted your creativity in a positive way?

What did he or she do to nurture your creativity?

Who hindered you from being creative?

What did he or she do to hinder your creativity?

Is there an environment or place that you feel more creative than others?

Is your current workplace a creative environment?

Do you work for an organization that supports/nurtures creativity in you and your fellow workers?

Who is the most creative person you have ever personally known? Why?

Out of all the creative people you’ve ever learned about … who would you say is the most creative? Why?

I encourage you to share your answers, and if you would rather answer via phone, call me at 850-894-3474.

If you take part in my little challenge, I will send you some creativity tools and thoughts that will impact your creativity in a positive way … even if you think turnips are more creative than you are.

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