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Catches of the Week!

For those art lovers out there, I came across this artist and was very intrigued with how he incorporates outside spaces into amazing pieces of art. Unlike any graffiti I have ever seen;

Chor Boogie

San Francisco, CA

On his work: The intentions behind my art work are to create timeless dynamic moments of Imagination, Creativity, Originality, Meaning, Style, Self Expression, Audience, Taste, and the Visual Elements of Line, Light, Composition, Form, Space, and Color. This is what defines my work and defines me as an individual, and allows me to still keep an unselfish perspective on “Why do I do this?” Simply because its a talent I’ve been blessed with to give to you. More of his work can be found here:

><(("> Erin Albano

Erin is a ><((“> Team Member at Catch Your Limit, a management and marketing firm with offices in Tallahassee, Florida and Richmond, Virginia. To learn more, visit

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