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Blogger: Missing in Action

MIA. That’s me!

I am the blogger who loves to blog, helped create the BTIA&B Blog and has been a steady blogger … up until … well … recently.

Don’t get me wrong, I am doing things … lots of things … too many things.

Planes love me. Clients are multiplying like crazy and their challenges and opportunities continue to grow like kudzu (that’s southern for exponentially).

Our staff is also growing and we are celebrating our best year ever!

Did I mention the recession?

Calm is not a part of “all of the above”.

About the time I think everything is calm, I forget to buy groceries for dinner, gas for truck, or flowers for my sweetheart, again (and again).

I’m running here while being there, I’m running everywhere … I’m running.

Something had to give and when I look back and count the blank spaces in our blog with my name on them, I know that what gave was me blogging.

MIA. That’s me.

So … in order to find me, I have to slow down, take three deep breaths and find, no make that make time to retreat before the charge and get a grip. Then and only then will my blogs reappear. Then and only then will I find myself!

Why do I need put myself in Stop Action mode? Because:

  • I am letting myself and others down (not just on blogging, either)
  • I want my team (and me) to be able to trust that I will deliver as promised
  • I committed to the rest of my team that I would blog consistently if they would and they are keeping their part of the bargain
  • I don’t like to be missing in action
  • I love to blog

Whenever you find yourself MIA, don’t overwhelm yourself more by thinking you have to make up for lost time. Just start where you are now and move on.

Find a secret place. It needs to be a place away from the maddening crowd. Make it a calm place. It should be a place where you can think and not be interrupted by anyone or anything. Loosen up a little and then focus. Reassess your calendar and your priorities and make sure you don’t have so much on your plate and that you are setting yourself up for failure by setting unreasonable expectations.

Get a plan and get it in writing. What should stay on it? What should be removed? What should you tweak, adjust or hand off? Break everything down into little action steps and conquer them one at a time. Find a buddy who will act as your champion, conscience and friend to celebrate your achievements, remind you of your commitments and cajole you when you don’t deliver as promised.

And, lastly, don’t be too hard on yourself. Fail Fast Forward! Learn and move on!

So here I am! I’m no longer MIA!

With my plan in hand, I’m ready to rock & roll. You can take me off the back of your milk carton.

And look what else I found. A subject for my first blog while being BIA (Back In Action).

See you next week!

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