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Tom Laughon for President!

If you have ever wondered what viral marketing is, this is a pretty good example. Although the service it promotes is nothing to write home about, the video is right on target. It’s fun, timely and people love to see their names where they don’t expect it! In fact, because I used Tom’s name and not my own, I should receive some major brownie points in the office! (Hint: He loves tattoos) So even though I would not use or support the product this marketing effort promotes, I am still perpetuating the “Viralness” of the campaign. This is what Viral marketing is all about, finding something that people will use and forward to their friends who in turn create their own version and forward to another set of friends and so on. And in all that time the company is driving traffic to their site, gaining exposure.


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Scott is a ><(("> Team member at Catch Your Limit, a management firm with offices in Tallahassee, FL and Richmond, VA. To learn more, visit

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