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Taco Bell Subliminal Marketing

For those of you who do not watch enough T.V. to catch all the new fast food advertisements like I do, I will share with you that Taco Bell has a new product called the Frutista Freeze. It is a nifty little frozen drink that comes in Strawberry, Mango-Strawberry, and Triple Berries-n-Crème.
Now, I have nothing against fast food places introducing new products or against Taco Bell in general. In fact, Taco Bell saved my life a few times after 2 a.m. when I was between the ages of 21 and 24 (and possibly more recently, but we don’t need to talk about that). Though I do think Jack in the Box has gone a little overboard with all their random menu items. Sometimes you just need to stick to the basics like In-N-Out Burger does (sorry East Coast readers) – burgers, fries, shakes, done!

Anyway, I digress.
Now, I am sure the fine folks at Taco Bell are very proud of their new drink commodity and they certainly do a great job of trying to sell it. We were hit up with a free sample as soon as we walked in the door last Saturday, during a brief stop, while making the boring trek from Spokane to Seattle to watch the Seahawks lose, yet again… but that is a different blog…

Back to the story – coincidently, my friend Barry happened to be driving from Seattle to Spokane last Saturday and met my husband and me for lunch at the aforementioned Taco Bell in the middle of the great state of Washington. After Barry ordered, the cashier asked for his name to call when his lunch was ready (they apparently did not want to use order numbers).

Is there a point your Honor? Yes!
Here is my point/question: is the example below a clever subliminal marketing scheme for their new Frutista Freeze or should this particular Taco Bell cashier have used the order number instead of the patron’s name? Hmmm….

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