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Monday, Monday

About three Fridays ago at our Monday ><((“> PowWow (we always have Monday all hands PowWows every week, they just don’t always happen on Monday) I encouraged everyone to blog at least once a week. Our blog continues to gain readers and I felt if we all pulled together, we could even have more delicious ><((“> content served fresh daily.

One thing led to another and it was decided we would each be responsible for an assigned day each week. Since I started this, I said I would take Mondays, you know, just to get the idea off the ground and flying right.

Well, last Monday Melissa and I were in the air literally all day flying from Tallahassee to Montreal. We had connections in Charlotte and Philadelphia. I knew I had Monday blog duty, but I kept putting it off. Maybe the next stop. Maybe in the plane. Maybe when I land in Montreal.

At Catch Your Limit the only thing off limits is making excuses, and I am not going to break that cardinal rule now. I blew it fair and square.

The rest of last week was either client focused or Tom and Melissa time off. Every day I would find time to read our blogs and sure enough, everyone, including Melissa, stood tall and filled their slots. But, I just couldn’t seem to find time to make up missing my Monday blog.

As the week rolled on I found myself obsessing on why I didn’t blog as promised. I kept coming up with all sorts of reasons why I didn’t, but ultimately admitting to myself, that I was just offering up another flimsy excuse. In my dreams I would hear a loud voice say, no excuses, Tom. No excuses. Then I saw my whole team, dressed in heavenly choir robes sing, no excuses, no excuses, no excuses.

I was tempted to email everyone to say, no more assigned days for blogs. I was going to say it was a stupid idea to begin with, but the fact was that everyone else was honoring the challenge and doing a great job to boot.

So, I decided to defect to Canada. I figured Canadians would be much more tolerant and would accept me for the lying, untrustworthy, slimy little team player that I had become. But, then I remembered I didn’t like cold weather.

So, here I am, missing America and my team so much, that I am writing two Monday blogs in one and on Sunday night.

Please accept this as my penance and my apology. I am truly sorry I blew my blog duty. Just know how bad (really, really, really bad) I feel. From now on I will be at my post on Monday.

I have failed. I have learned from my failure. I pledge to move forward and become a better person, team player, and American.

No excuses.

><(("> Tom Laughon
Tom is affectionately known as BIG ><(("> at Catch Your Limit

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