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Life is No Disney World … Or is it?

First of all, I am absolutely horrified by bugs, snakes and rodents of any kind. And, although I’m very appreciative of women’s lib efforts, I do still believe that if I should have to see one of these critters (and I never think that I should see one), it is a boy’s job to capture and in some cases kill the creature. And, in the moment, any boy will do … little boys, big boys, boy co-workers, boy clients … any boy!

Well, a few mornings ago, in a new home that we’re fixing up (that no one has inhabited in about 10 years), I discovered what looked to be two mouse droppings. DROPPINGS! That’s all it took … it was only 8 a.m., but my day was ruined! Correction … my life was ruined!
I screamed for Tom (my husband) and he came running. He found me devastated … shoulders down, head in my hands hanging over the countertop and tears streaming down my cheeks. His response? And, I quote, “Life is No Disney World … So, Get Over It!” Now, normally Tom is very empathetic and understanding. But, apparently, on this day in this moment, he had reached the end of his rope as it pertained to my panicked screeches and whines about this type of thing. He walked right back out of the kitchen and left the clean up work for me! So, my response (the girl) … cry harder!
Well, after a few moments of this carrying on, I thought more about what he had said … “Life is No Disney World … So, Get Over It!” And, I just started to giggle. Of all the things he could say and he picked Disney World … an entire empire built around one very important mouse. How silly.
But, it’s taken me a few days to admit this, but he’s right. Life isn’t perfect and it’s never going to be perfect. And, it doesn’t matter who you are, what you do for a living, what neighborhood you live in, a mouse could potentially wander in (and out the way mine did … no traces of that little pest since the poison arrived). And, the timing is most likely never going to be good.
So, the next time something bothersome comes your way … take a moment and reflect … Life is No Disney World … Or Is It? What Disney does better than anyone else in the world is to take ordinary things and imbue magic and joy into them and they do it by inspiring your imagination. Imagination is so important that Disney even gave a name to theirs. Ever met Figment?
So, the next time you come close to giving something or someone the power to ruin your day, tap into your imagination. How would good ‘ol Walt do this? How would he tell the story? How would he bring joy to the situation?

><(("> Melissa Laughon

Melissa is a ><(("> Team Member at Catch Your Limit, a management consulting firm with offices in Tallahassee, Florida and Richmond, Virginia. To learn more, visit

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