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Here’s Where Joe Comes In

Since all of us at Catch Your Limit agreed to blog at least once a week, I have made it one of my goals to not let my team down and, come hell or high water, blog at least once a week.

Talk about discipline … this is going to be a challenge. And, since nothing is off limits at Catch Your Limit except making excuses, I have nothing to fall back on other than to blog.

So, I have a reminder on a special website I’ll tell you about later that says, “Blog once a week or I’ll shoot your dog.”

Now, I don’t have a dog, but I saw that caption on the cover of a Mad magazine (Alfred E. Newman of What, Me Worry? fame) when I was a kid and it has stuck with me ever sense.

Goals are easy to pay lip service to. We kick start the first of every year telling anyone who will listen what our goals for that year will be.

We strategically try not to tell anyone we shared our resolutions with in prior years for fear they will say, “that’s what you said last year”. We just rinse and repeat and, if truth be told, don’t have any intentions of doing anything we say because whose going to hold us accountable anyway? Certainly not ourselves.

So, here’s where Joe comes in. Not Catch Your Limit’s Joe, Joe Six Pack or Joe the Plumber, but a Joe never the less.

Joe has a website that makes it easy to get your goals (positive and negative) in writing in a variety of categories, share them with your friends if you choose, track your successes and failures and log your progress via Joe’s logbook.

Guess what the URL is. You guessed right if you said All you have to do to get started is to sign on and start writing and tracking those goals of yours and the best part is that it’s absolutely free.

So make it a goal to visit This could be the start of something really big.

And, at least for me, a chance to make it a good habit and write at least a blog a week. And, thanks to Joe, save my dog (if I had one).

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