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Chrysler Considers Fish in Abrupt Marketing Shift

DETROIT— Following an unusual labor disruption by union steer of American auto manufacturer Chrysler, company president Jim Press announced today they were “seriously considering” fish as their new mascot for Ram trucks. “I think we are at an impasse with our steer, and their well coordinated antics at the Detroit Auto Show yesterday prove it’s time to move forward,” Press said.

Chrysler executives say they are considering fish because of their traditional family values and history of not bringing “bedroom issues” to work. “I’m not gonna lie, the Fish really seem to have their stuff together,” said Dave Kelly, vice president of marketing. “And as we try to stay ahead of the industry and look beyond hybrid technologies, I think that using fish to help launch our upcoming underwater line of cars and trucks will really bode well.”

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All went as planned until the Chrysler execs started addressing the crowd in front of Cobo Hall. Then, as Chrysler president Jim Press tried to tell the people about the Ram, nature called. Some of the steers were feeling “randy” and they decided to see if others in the stampede felt the same way. Since they were all bulls, there was no consummation, but plenty of chuckles in the crowd.

To his credit, Press persevered through the “disturbance” created by some of the “amped up” bulls trying to feel out the other cattle.

Video and the rest of the story from CNBC

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