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Benson up for First Dog

I saw the headline on Yahoo this morning and had to do a double take. Pet owners prefer McCain over Obama. Really!? In the article that goes in to detail on the latest irrelevant poll, pet owners prefer McCain 42% to Obama’s 37%.
My first thought was who cares but then I began to think about all the presidential pets from the past and I surprisingly could name more than a couple… W’s Spot and Clinton’s Socks to name a few. Which leads me to this; with Jeff and his wife Allison’s permission I’d like to throw our shop dog Benson up for consideration as Obama’s First Leg Humper.
While Jeff and Allison were on vacation busy not waxing Jeff’s brother, I watched Benson. He would curl up next to me on the couch as I watched the Revenge of the Nerds Marathon on HBO. It was nice to have the little furry guy around in between trips to the gym and an otherwise relaxing holiday weekend.
When I reflect on this past weekend I think Benson would make a fine First Dog. He gets along with everybody… as long as you don’t hold anything in your hands. Benson will not run from anything, he’ll just stand their and bark. And he is absolutely particular about where he does his business… sometimes taking up to twenty minutes before picking a spot. But that is just manners.
I’m sure Jeff and Allison will miss Benson as he helps Obama get a leg up, pun intended, on the competition but will understand what it means to even the playing field with the Republican McCain who owns a staggering 22 pets. While my choice for president is still up in the air, I’d hate to see the election come down to this.

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