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Athens is a Trip

Last week I had the privilege to present the Generation Y portion of Catch Your Limit’s Generating Generational Momentum program to the Georgia Society of Association Executives in Athens, Georgia. While my portion lasted a mere 15 minutes it left me with an exhilarating feeling and one I hope to experience a lot more of in the future. Everybody was so nice, as you would expect in the south, and I was encouraged by some of the feedback from our attendees in the breakout session.
Being on the road with Melissa in southern Georgia is an experience all in itself. There were too many, my uncle worked at that chicken processing plant and my aunt owned that full service gas station to count. Melissa took me on some roads, see glorified driveways, that looked like they were fit more for a old western movie than major thorougfairs… I was half waiting for a tumbleweed to get caught in the grill of our rented Dodge Durango and Clint Eastwood to kick in some saloon doors.
Melissa and I arrived in Athens right on time to setup our trade show booth on some prime real estate on the conference room floor. We watched as other booths were put up in seconds with handles, plastic and velcro flying this way and that. Our booth…well… takes a bit more. At our shows we throw away our given eight foot table, wheel in our 75 pound fish cleaning table, trash cans, netting complete with fish, mailers, chairs, columns and our kiss the fish fishy. All in all it takes about 45 minutes, but the result is always worth it. Not to toot our own horn but I think our booth received more ooh and ahhs than most… toot toot.
If you have never been to Athens I would definitely recommend a trip. Although I didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked exploring the city, my limited interaction was awesome. One thing you should be aware of is the ability to park in the middle of the street, we saw it happen on every street downtown. Need a quick bite and nowhere to park, park in the middle. Just running in for some new underwear, park in the middle. Going to yoga class, park in the middle. You get the idea. Just don’t park on any of the many painted UGA’s that line the downtown. You might not get out alive.
In closing I want to thank Melissa for giving me the opportunity to present Generation Y, the CYL crew for giving me encouragement, and Wendy Kavanaugh, see pic right, for booking us once again for her annual conference. Wendy truly is an amazing person/professional/leader and up til last week I had only spoken with Wendy on the phone. It was definitely great to put a face to her awesome personality.
Thank you all!

><(("> Kyle Freund

Kyle is a former ><((“> Team Member at Catch Your Limit, a management and marketing firm with offices in Tallahassee, Florida and Richmond, Virginia. To learn more, visit

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