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At One With the Sea

Melissa loves the water. All of us at Catch Your Limit do. In fact, we each get our very own annual Florida fishing license as a benefit. To most of us, it’s more important than health insurance … in fact, it is health insurance … mental health insurance.

But, back to Melissa. Here she is leading the whole gang on the “Snorkel Song”. It is a sing along, or rather a sing and suck air together song that she made up.

She says it helps us become a better team. We always sing it just before diving into about 4 to 6 feet of some of the clearest water the Gulf of Mexico has to offer. Our goal is to catch scallops. And, this season (August 1 – September 10), we have consistently caught our limit. That’s ten gallons per boat, per trip. Those ten gallons go a long way when it comes to feeding our hungry crew. We saute, grill, smoke, make ceviche, soups and sauces with them. Every meal is a culinary delight.

People ask us how we are able to catch our limit every time. I think it’s my being Captain of our over sized pontoon boat (aircraft carrier for Piper Cubs is more like it). But, if I really had to admit it, I think it’s Melissa’s “Snorkel Song” that does the trick. Not only does the mandatory sing along gear us up for the “hunt”, but humming it in the water (yes, you can hum through your snorkel underwater), seems to calm the scallops and keep them from swimming away. You can call me crazy, but I am a believer.

Now, as for Melissa, that’s another challenge all together. She now wants to wear her snorkel and mask to bed and sing the “Snorkel Song” before we go to sleep (she is my partner and wife, OK?!). I have suggested she get a water bed. She just keeps singing and sucking air …

So far, I have not put on my mask and snorkel before bed for a sing-us-to-sleep sing along with Melissa, though I must admit, it’s an intriguing idea … the kind dreams are made of.

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