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Name Dropper

Being of fairly sound mind and body, I am willingly and voluntarily dropping my name from this day and forever more and changing it to … Jeff Brainard. That’s right, Jeff Brainard, and here are the three main reasons:

1. Brainard is easier to pronounce than Laughon
2. Brainard (brainy) sounds smarter than Laughon (laughable)
3. More than 90% of the content on our Intranet and blog has Jeff Brainard as the byline, so why not go with the flow

And there are other advantages as well. I will be known for having had a goat, a designer mini-dog I house in my mouth and plastic animals I tend to on my desk every day. I will soon be adding a peacock to my menagerie.

I am Jewish (being a Southern Baptist’s minister’s son, that’s some trick) and have recently hung myself on a cross (a whole other blog). I sing show tunes all day long, that is except when eating my daily dose of a dozen or so hard boiled eggs (well, after tossing the yolks out of my second story window onto the pavement below).

I am the regions youngest slum landlord, have married two girls in there twenties within the past eight months and have been on two great honeymoons, both out of the country. Life is good for Jeff, life is damn good.

I get deep discounts at Dominos and Carrabbas’s. I am currently in the BVI yet still working my ass off at CYL World HQ in Tallahassee, Florida, USA. I am all things. I am everywhere. I am Jeff Brainard and there is nothing the other Jeff Brainard can legally do to stop me. After all, he is out of the country and this is a free one. God bless America.

And the coolest thing is even when I don’t actually write a blog or Intranet entry, they just appear. My byline is everywhere and I don’t have to do a thing. Now that’s a Deep Thought (one of my ongoing features).

So, it’s bye, bye, Tom. Hello Jeff.

I can’t wait to go to our website and see what I have written today.

><(("> Tom Laughon
Tom is affectionately known as BIG ><(("> at Catch Your Limit

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