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My Vote for the Next Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Water guns, paintball guns and BB guns have never seemed more passe’.
The ammo is reloaded, and it’s time to start shooting out the marshmallows.
That’s right: Nine-year-old Aaron Whitmarsh has revolutionized the fluffy, sugary treats by designing, building and selling marshmallow shooters.
Now, marshmallow shooters have been around a long time, but the question is, why not ban all forms of ammunition and only allow marshmallow ammo to be used on this planet. If Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, was alive today, I am sure he would love to trade places with Aaron.
All of our spats, holdups, shootouts, domestic disputes and wars would be softer. And, yes, mellower.
The only real danger would be tummy aches from eating to much ammo.
There would be no more NRA, Ted Nugent, turkey shoots, bullet holes in mail boxes, unknown soldiers, Russian Roulette, assassinations or coup d’états. Life would be like perfectly tan marshmallows roasting over an open fire. Instead of screaming ready, aim, fire, we would just whisper yum, yum, yum.
What a peaceful, easy feeling … what a wonderful world. Thanks to prospective Nobel Peace Prize winner, Aaron Whitmarsh. Aarron, you have my vote.
I asked Arron what he would do with the money he made from selling his shooters.
“I’m going to save up the money to go to Lego Land,” he said and grinned.
Authors Note: It is either irony or destiny that Aaron’s last name has “marsh” embedded in it. Delicious.

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