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Man Stabbed, Injured by Catfish

Catfish stab wound victim, Tiny Curley
DESTIN – A fight between two Destin friends ended painfully for one man when he was stabbed
with a fish. Police said L-Roy Trinker threw a giant catfish at his friend, Tiny Curley, early Friday morning during an argument. The fins went in about five inches and stuck in Tiny’s back. Medics on the scene cut the fish away and Tiny was taken to a hospital. Tiny was quoted as saying, “It’s a good thing I am a big dude. My being fat saved my life. L-Roy is a skinny little runt who better watch his back, because ain’t no fat gonna save him now. I think a big old sword fish might just be L-Roy’s ticket to ruination.”

L-Roy Trinker holding the giant catfish

he stabbed Tiny Curley in the back with.

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